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The use of different crucible

Crucible can be divided into the graphite crucible, clay crucible and metal crucible (cast iron pot, stainless steel crucible and so on) three categories. Graphite crucible, is a crystalline form of natural graphite as the main raw material, plastic refractory clay as binder, refractory graphite crucibles with different types of clinker with and are mainly used in melting furnace of non-ferrous metals and their alloys. On the performance, use of products, graphite crucible is an integral part of refractories.

In the graphite crucible, graphite crucible and general type and special shaped graphite crucible and high purity graphite crucible three. Graphite crucible of various types, due to performance, use and use conditions are different, the raw materials used, production method, process technology and product specifications are different.

Graphite crucible is the main raw material, crystalline form of natural graphite. It maintains the physical and chemical properties of various natural right ink original.

Namely: good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance, in use process at high temperature, low coefficient of thermal expansion, the thermal, quench has certain anti strain properties. The acid, alkali solution stronger corrosion resistance, excellent chemical stability.

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Crucible type specification more, the application is not affected by the scale of production, batch size and melting material varieties limit, can be arbitrarily chosen, strong applicability, and can guarantee the purity of melting substance is. 1, after the dry place, avoid rain water intrusion; must slow baked at 500 degrees can be used before use. 2, should be based on the volume of crucible charging, bogey squeezed too tightly, so as to avoid the metal thermal expansion crack crucible. 3, remove the molten metal, the best use spoon to scoop out, to minimize the use of caliper, if using the caliper tool should be consistent with the crucible shapes, to avoid excessive local stress and shorten the service life. 4, the service life of the crucible and usage, should avoid strong oxidizing flame spray directly onto the crucible and crucible material, the oxidation of short-lived. Graphite crucible, because the performance is more excellent, so cast, in metallurgy, machinery, chemical and other industrial sectors, is widely used for smelting alloy tool steel and non-ferrous metal and its alloy smelting. And has a good technical and economic effect.

Crucible type can be divided into three categories: the first category copper crucible, the specification "," second class; for copper alloy crucible, special round 100, round 100, third kinds of crucible steelmaking, NO.100.

Crucible specifications (size), is usually represented by the sequence number size, No. 1 crucible with volume can melt 1000g brass, its weight is 180g. Calculation of quantity in the melting crucible melting of different metal or alloy, can crucible density gauge, multiplied by the corresponding coefficient of metal and alloy.

The production of raw materials, can be summarized into three types. A crystalline graphite, two refractory clay plasticity, three is the result of hard kaolin class skeleton clinker burning. In recent years, began to use synthetic materials, such as: high temperature resistant silicon carbide, alumina corundum and silicon as the framework of grog crucible. The clinker to improve product quality to enhance the crucible, crucible density and mechanical strength has a significant effect.

Crucible forming, there are three kinds of methods, molding method than the original old hand molding. The second is the rotary molding method third is pressed forming method.

Graphite crucible is made of natural flake graphite, pyrophyllite, silicon carbide and other materials advanced refractory ware for smelting, casting, copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, gold, silver and a variety of rare metal with.


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